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Wahoo Kickr

Wahoo Kickr

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With the updated KICKR Power Trainer V5, Wahoo offers a straightforward alternative to rocker-plate technology, all while improving power accuracy and easing the calibration nurden. To keep us from having to source a rocker-plate for our home trainer, Wahoo resourcefully adds five-degrees of side-to-side movement to the KICKR thanks to the new AXIS Action Feet, which replace the standard fixed feet on the KICKR. It’s a simple, convenient, and practical improvement to achieve a more realistic and tunable training experience.


  • Updated indoor smart trainer for the dedicated cyclist
  • KICKR AXIS Feet enhance ride feel with 5-degrees of lateral motion
  • Precision power readings nail accuracy to within +/-1%
  • Calibration-free setup removes the need for manual calibrations
  • Low-noise operation is ideal for small homes and apartment living
  • AXIS Feet work with previous KICKR models (not KICKR Core)
  • Self-calibration is not backward compatible
  • Rubberized handle for easy transport and storage