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Echo Charger 58V  CBC_58VA

Echo Charger 58V CBC_58VA

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The ECHO 58V Lithium-Ion Charger (CBC-58VA) is the most advanced, professional-grade, high voltage cordless charger in the market. Featuring innovative charging technology, this charger is equipped to protect and extend battery life for maximum performance and longevity.

It can be used with both the ECHO 2AH and 4AH lithium-ion batteries, offering 30 minute and 60 minute recharge times, respectively so that users can complete big jobs without worrying about having to wait hours to recharge one battery to get the job done. 
  • Compatible with all ECHO 58V Cordless products
  • Offers integrated charging status display for easy readability
  • Features 60 minute recharge time with ECHO 4AH Lithium-Ion battery
  • Advanced charging technology for battery protection and extended life
  • Features 30 minute recharge time with ECHO 2AH Lithium-Ion battery