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Bicycle Club Description

Mineola Bicycle Club is a welcoming and fun cycling club that offers weekly group rides for road cyclists of varying levels.  Weekend rides leave from Mineola Bicycle located at 475 Jericho Turnpike in Mineola.  Groups depart the shop at 8am sharp every Saturday and Sunday morning from April through October.  Please check this web site, under the 'Weekend Ride Schedule' tab for ride times and routes.  Ride details may not be updated until 24 hours prior to ride date.  Rides subject to cancellation due to leader availability or inclement weather. 

RIDE CATEGORIES: (End of Ride Average Speed)

A      Avg Speed 16-18mph
B      Avg Speed 14-16mph
C      Avg Speed 12-14mph
Open Ride (No Ride Leader, 18+ mph)

All Group rides will ride at their posted speed. You as the rider are responsible for determining the correct group with which to ride.
If you are not sure of your ability, please ride in a group that is a level lower in order to get accustomed to the group's riding speed and to evaluate your riding ability.  The use of a cycling computer is recommended.

There might be times where the group encounters hard efforts on climbs and sprints on long sections or can get fragmented at intersection crossings. After these efforts and situations, we will try to regroup by either soft pedaling or pulling over so that anyone that fails to stay with their group will have a chance to rejoin.
The leader will also try to recruit a sweeper on each ride to help keep everyone together. (A sweeper is a member who knows the routes and is positioned in the rear of the group to make sure no one gets lost or left behind.) Be advised that regrouping is done within reason as to not interrupt the flow of the ride. The group cannot constantly wait for a rider if they are always trying to catch up, we recommend the rider to go with a level below the following week if this situation arises.
If you cannot continue the ride, please inform either the ride leader or sweeper of the situation.

The routes for each group is posted every week so that you may download them to your GPS equipped cycling computer or smart phone.  Please review the routes so as not to get lost and be able to return to the shop.

All group riders must sign the below wavier AND must have purchased a  Mineola Bicycle Club jersey which they are encouraged to wear at club rides 

Mineola Bicycle Club Wavier  (Click Below)